National Cattle Congress

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The Perfect Location for Any Occasion

Choose from 10 indoor and outdoor facilities that are ideal for your next event. Please contact us if you would like additional information about any of our facilities or venues.

McElroy Auditorium

McElroy’s experienced staff is easy to work with, and that sets the stage for your next concert or event to be an overwhelming success.



A portable dance floor, heating and air conditioning makes the Pavilion the venue to enjoy any event from bingo to a concert.


Electric Park Ballroom

Built in the early 1900’s this historical venue has all the features needed to host your next wedding reception or banquet.


Livestock Barns

With over 400 total stalls in fully lighted barns that also include electricity, NCC’s Livestock Barns are exactly what you will need.


Camping Facilities

With modern showers & restrooms and 34 sites with electricity NCC’s camping facilities is a great choice to enjoy your camping trip.


Paul Barger Building

Electricity, high ceilings, bleachers and 100 sheep/swine pens are the highlights of the Paul Barger Building.


Estel Hall

A 60,000 sq foot facility with concrete floors makes this venue a great choice for a facility capable of holding 300+ exhibitors.


Adeline-Hayes Hall

Bench seating for over 50 people, electricity, and concrete floors make this venue perfect for a entertainment.


Ag Building

Another 300+ exhibitor facility capable of 8,500+ capacity & up to 1,000 tables this facility also has electricity & a concrete floor.


Pullin Simonsen Arena

Sheltered outdoor facility with an announcers area and office with provided equipment to entertain the perfect rodeo or horse show.


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